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Team Green Adventures was established by Lightning 100 (WRLT 100.1 FM) in 1996 as a way to get our listeners involved in an active lifestyle. We remain a local company based in Nashville, TN, though we have participants and members who join our events from other cities and states! Through adventure we promote health, community service, and environmental awareness. Check out our calendar and pick the adventure that’s right for you!

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Sunday, March 8th at 9:30am

NEW SPOTS just opened! First come, first serve!

Event Details

Explore the depths of Mammoth Cave with Team Green on this unique expedition. Hike over five miles through the miraculous caverns of this popular and majestic natural wonder.

When Sunday, March 8th at 9:30am (6:15am carpool)
Where Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky
Cost $57 for Members Only
This trip opens to non-members three weeks prior to the event (February 15th) if spots are available. $65 for non-members.

Not a member? Joining is easy!

Restrictions These restrictions are strictly enforced by the National Parks. All cavers must be present one half hour before the cave tour begins (meet at 9am). Over ankle boots with tread are required along with soft knee pads (no hard plastic permitted). Cavers without this equipment will be dismissed from the tour. Hips and chest width must be under 41 inches. You will not fit through some passages if your measurements are greater than 41, so please do know your measurement! Helmets and lights are provided.

Difficulty Beginner friendly! This is a 6 hour trip inside the cave.
Children Policy This event is open to 16 and older
Dog Policy Dogs are not permitted
Refund Policy This trip is subject to a 10% cancellation fee ($5). No refunds after two weeks prior to the event date.

About Mammoth Cave

The human experience of Mammoth Cave reflects one of humanity’s most potent emotions: wonder. The dark depths of a pit or passage trigger inborn questions – where does that go? How far? Is anything in there?

The first human to enter Mammoth Cave passed under its imposing arch about 4,000 years ago. His reason for probing the shadows? The same as ours today. Curiosity led the way to discoveries of minerals, and primitive miners plumbed the rocky halls for nearly 2,000 years before the cave again fell quiet. It would not again echo the sound of human feet clattering the floor stones until the very end of the 18th century.

Once European settlers discovered Mammoth Cave, stories both inspiring and strange began to accumulate about their adventures underground. The cave’s stories spoke of curiosity, cures, captivity and capitalism; excitement, exploration and exploitation.

And the story keeps on going. From the torch-bearing Indian to yesterday’s park visitor, the fabric of the story-cloth of Mammoth Cave continues to be woven. Click the links on this page to discover the people, places, stories and objects that illuminate this special place


This trip is open to MEMBERS ONLY until three weeks prior to the event date (February 15th) if spots are available. $57 for members.


Children Policy This event is open to 16 and older
Dog Policy Dogs are not permitted
Refund Policy This trip is subject to a 10% cancellation fee ($5). No refunds after two weeks prior to the event date.

Available February 15th if spots are available

Event Comments

  1. Jim Hawkins | Jan 22, 09:28 AM

    Do you have more specifics on the nonplastic soft kneepads required?
    Volleyball type kneepads? Seems like they provided us with some kneepads last time. thanks

  2. Team Green | Jan 22, 10:35 AM

    I believe they are referring to the rubber or gel like knee pads so that if you fall, you will not be falling onto hard plastic.

  3. Jeff Heuser | Jan 22, 08:29 PM

    Please provide me with additional details regarding the 41 inch restriction.

  4. Team Green | Jan 23, 08:37 AM

    Jeff, some of the caverns have passage ways that are at most 42 inches in circumference. If your shoulders, hips or mid section have a girth of over 41 inches, it is possible that you may not be able to squeeze your way through the entrance, and may even get stuck. This is a regulation of the park services.

  5. Kurtis | Feb 20, 09:11 PM

    Hey guys,

    I know I am not a member of this online group, but I was wondering if you could answer a question I am having about my own Wild Cave Tour trip. The boots they specified must be “over-the-ankle.” I own a pair of work boots that are 6’‘ high. Would these qualify? I don’t want to drive down to the cave and find out they don’t!


  6. Team Green | Feb 22, 04:38 PM


    Thanks for the question. Over-the-ankle just means that the boots cover your ankle (preventing you from, or at least helping to prevent, ankle sprains). 6 inches should be plenty to cover your ankle. You may want to call Mammoth Cave National Park to ask, just in case.


  7. Nancy S | Feb 24, 09:27 AM

    Do you have an estimate of when folks usually emerge form the cave on this hike? I unexpectedly will need to fly out of Nashville Sunday night and hope to be able to schedule a late enough flight to still be able to do the hike with the group.

  8. Team Green | Feb 24, 10:43 AM

    It is a 6 hour hike inside the cave. We should emerge from the cave by 3:30 or 4pm. You will then need to factor in driving time between Mammoth Cave National Park, KY back to Nashville. I hope this helps!

  9. Judi Richardson | Mar 4, 08:22 PM

    Hello everyone…..had a friend that has done that hike and he said if anyone is in the least bit claustrophobic they should not attempt this hike. Just a little information if you are considering going:)I would fall under the freak out in close spaces so I will not be going on this awesome adventure.But have fun:):)

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